Press    MAN SHOES


Gurgaon Jul 01, 2011

“Mannish Shoes” they are called. Worst, you could end up looking like you’re wearing Dad’s old shoes. Your feet may have been the central of all jokes but take heart! Not everyone follows fashion as religiously as you so putting your best in-trend feet forward make have been a little too early. Not anymore though. Look below as you walk around. Everyone is sporting a pair of these so-called Man shoes.


In more formal terms, they would be called Brogues or Oxford Shoes. Remember a few years ago when the likes of super model Agyness Deyn and fashion it girl Alexa Chung were seen sporting those strange flat and blah looking shoes and the next thing you know, our one and only style icon Sonam Kapoor followed their steps?

That was enough to sky rocket these shoes into the trend pages.


Keep in mind: trends come and go for clothes and accessories each season but shoes go a long way. Sure, every season there is an IT shoe but I think we all like to turn to our favourites.

 A running/work out shoe, a super 6 inch party stilettoes, an everyday pair of wedges, a comfy pair of ballet flats, a pair of gladiators to hop, skip and jump and then we have a new addition: the brogues. You need them.


The origin of these shoes can be traced back to Scotland and Ireland. It is ironic to see that they started out only as outdoor or country wear in the wet terrains. As fate would have it, it’s still one of the hottest runway trends that hit us hard, leaving us still wanting more.

The brogues have undergone a process of upgrade in recent years. There have been variations in the shoe but they don’t fail to retain their originality. From Oxford heels to pixie shoes, varied as they may be, they are all ancestors of the brogues.


Whether you wear skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans, mini, maxi or midi skirts and dresses, your pair of brogues will blend in to make the outfit perfection. It gives you the liberating feeling of not worrying about painful feet, running when you need to and instantly hoisting yourself on to the man-chic trend bandwagon. The only problems with these shoes are that they tend to become like an addiction. You want to wear them all the time because you can see that it just about goes with anything in your wardrobe and all the colours too.

Put on that loosely fitted printed dress, pair it with a summer blazer or a denim jacket, a large bright satchel and slip on your brogues. Done and done! All that by just tying the laces.


Ever since starting its first store in India in 2003, Carlton London has dedicated itself to the mid to premium sector and bringing in the latest in footwear designs at the most affordable prices without compromising on quality.

This season, their shoes are all about comfort chic.

You do not want to walk around in heels in the middle of summer and monsoon and all the climatic changes we go through. Summer is all about surreal dreams, pastels, walking on sunshine and being as free as a bird. The shoes from this collection make you feel all those emotions and more. There are different variations of the brogues to choose from. Classic looking pairs to colourful and lush pastel shades and even an assortment of the pixie shoes.

These shoes are complete mood lifters, trend setters and eye catchers. You will want to be seen with them!


I paired my Tangerine Carlton brogues along with a Carlton bag which, although you can’t see very properly, has these amazing skull rivet details on it. That along with a loosely fitted nude dress which I belted, complete with a boater hat, spells the perfect bohemian summer look.

Dressing up in summer is all about being comfortable yet chic and being fuss free. Be comfortable yet chic but keeping it simple a ’la the French.

The price of the shoe is Rs. 1795/- after discount and the bag is Rs. 3495/- after discount. Be sure to visit the Carlton London store in Metropolitan Mall, G-29-32 [ground floor], Gurgaon.